Water Project in Boma was Completed.

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There is incredible beauty in seeing the Lord work! The water project in Boma was completed. Having spent the past 22 days in Africa, I have come home in awe of what God is doing in South Sudan. Evidence of your prayers and support were obvious in everything I saw and in each conversation I had. So many things were accomplished on this trip that reporting them all in one update is impossible. Following are some of the highlights with another update coming in a week or so.
Running water is now available throughout the compound including a new tap available for the local community.
Water Project in Boma was Completed
The water project we began in March 2018 is now completed. Two tanks were raised onto the water tower enabling us to now irrigate the demonstration farm. This was very important not only for producing more food but for the future growth of our tree plantation. We also installed an additional tank to our system that will store 10,000 liters of fresh, clean water for the community. As people begin returning to Boma they will find plenty of clean water for their use.
We now have 20,000 liters of water available for the community in Upper Boma. Thanks to John Burch and Edwin (the plumber) we were able to connect an additional tank to our water pump.
Another accomplishment on this trip was the re-plumbing of the restrooms giving us two working showers and toilets. Since we are seeing an increase in staff and visitors, this was a priority. In short, we now have running water for irrigation, the showers, toilets, kitchen and for the village community.
Two tanks were installed above the restrooms and the showers and toilets were repaired. These tanks are directly connected to the water pump so our staff no longer has to fill them by hand.
Completing this water project is providing immediate benefits to the people in Boma. Again, thank you for your prayers and support, without which, this gift of water that will improve life in Boma would not have been possible. From the hearts of all us at SEA Partners we say, “May God Richly Bless You!”
Tractors to Boma
As we look toward the next few months, please continue praying for us. The Governor of Boma State has now given SEA Partners 20 new tractors to repair and take to Boma. These tractors have been sitting for 3 years and need some minor repairs before they are operational. While only five of those will remain in Boma, the Governor has asked that we repair them all giving us opportunity to impact the farming in all of Boma State. In Boma, these tractors will enable us to increase the size of our farm, repair the road from Lower to Upper Boma and clear the airstrip in Upper Boma giving us a place to land with people and supplies. All of this would be amazing!

In order for these tractors to run properly, they will require new belts, hoses, batteries and repairs to the tires.  A local mechanic estimated the cost of repairs needed for each tractor to be about $1100. Once these tractors are up and running we can send them to Boma and the impact on lives will be immediate. Can you imagine how much work we can get done with tractors in Boma?

If you feel led, please consider a gift to help us repair these tractors. We have a team from Oregon going to South Sudan in November to make the repairs so we need to find the funds needed for parts before then. Your help in repairing these tractors will have a huge impact!


Thank you for your consideration. May God bless you for your kindness.


Donnie Brake, Ed.D


PS. If you feel led to give a gift to help repair 20 tractors, please follow this link to easily give online. Thank you.