We Exist To...

Educate the Future Leaders of East Africa

We Exist To...

See Christ Glorified Through His People

We Exist To...

Meet The Basic Human Needs of Those in Marginalized Communities

Serving South Sudan and East Africa

Educating Children

We develop future leaders of troubled nations by providing an education for children who have no other options



We share the gospel through church
planting, Christian education, and youth mentorship

RAISED: $2,800  |  GOAL: $60,000


Community Development

We develop food security, community health, and clean water programs to people in marginalized communities

RAISED: $11,700  |  GOAL: $116,000

Sustainability = Permanent Viability

We believe creating permanent viability requires equipping and empowering people and organizations to become sustainable

A Look at Sea Partners

Sudan Evangelical Alliance Partners (SEA Partners) began serving the people of South Sudan in 2004. It was our hope that we could share God’s love in a war-torn nation. Our goals are to provide educational opportunities for boys and girls alike, and to provide economic and community development to the Boma region. These programs are critical for the survival of the Murle, Kachipo and Jie tribal villagers and will be a catalyst for spreading the gospel of peace in South Sudan.


Paul Slack - CEO, Vende Digital

“We love to support this ministry because of how they are making a real impact for Christ in Africa. We are all called to look after the needy among us and SEA-Partners gives us an opportunity to provide support in some of the most needy places on the planet. Their work is meeting basic human needs and building a better future while sharing the love and hope of Christ!”

Our Latest News

Boma Boys Enroll in Trade Schools

Boma Boys Enroll in Trade Schools

Call Us Today! 1-214-704-0628Serving And Educating People Of South SudanYou may or may not be a fan of the ‘80s TV series The A-Team, but you probably know the famous catchphrase from the show:           “I love it when a plan comes together.”   That's how I am...

Vincent Owino: A Decade with SEA Partners

Vincent Owino: A Decade with SEA Partners

Call Us Today! 1-214-704-0628Serving And Educating People Of South SudanAs we are awaiting news from Boma about the arrival of our team, I thought it would be good to highlight our Director Vincent Owino. I asked him to write a couple of paragraphs about his 10 years...

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