Bringing the Kingdom to the People

Every aspect of the Boma School Project is an opportunity for our staff to share the gospel both in word and in loving actions. We believe in obedience to both the Great Commission of Jesus and to His Great Commandment – to make disciples of all nations while loving all individuals in our sphere of influence by addressing their needs (Matthew 28:19,20 and 22:37-40). The first church in Upper Boma, Boma Christian Center, has been established and we are anticipating the emergence of a Sudanese pastor from Boma to lead this community. Currently, a SEA Partners staff member aids in the activities of the church, training pastors and preaching in the services. Our teaching staff leads worship for the children.

Our prayer is that true community transformation will become a reality and the people of Boma can begin providing for their families, have access to education for their children and continue to grow in their understanding of a God who loves them and has not forgotten about them. Though Islam is not a major challenge in Boma, ancestor worship and animism can often be “mixed together” with Christianity to distract the people from truly understanding the grace of God through Jesus Christ. The people of Boma have a sense of God and their need for a savior, but it is often swayed by the local “witch doctor”. Please pray for the people of Boma, that God would open their eyes to the beauty and grace of our Savior.

Church Services in Boma – For nine years the church has survived wars and tribal conflicts to become a strong influence on the community.

Church in the Classrooms – Church services and Sunday school programs for children and all held in the classrooms of Faith Learning Center.

Pastoral Training – Training pastors is critical for the spiritual growth of the church in Boma.

Help us proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom

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