Pure and Clear

With the help of Fellowship Church in Nashville, TN and other individuals, SEA Partners was able to drill four water wells in Upper Boma. Currently, we are seeking ways to provide clean water to the surrounding villages of Bien and Kiowa where the rugged terrain makes it impossible to take a drilling rig.

In June 2014, SEA Parnters installed a solar-powered water pump to provide running water throughout the compound. When resources are available, the long term goal is to raise the water tank 18 feet off the ground. This will allow water to flow to tanks throughout the village and to provide easier access to clean water for all residents of Boma. In July 2017, Harvest Community Church and several private donors provided funds to repair the solar powered well.

In March 2018, Phase 1 of a water project to improve the water availability for the people of Boma began with the raising of a 20 foot water tower. In July 2018, Phase 2 was completed when two tanks were raised on top of the tower. Now there is running water, from two large 10,000 liter tanks, to the community and throughout the SEA Partners compound. In addition, water from the tower now provides water to the demonstration farm. All the fruit trees and vegetables can be watered on a daily basis. Praise the Lord! Thanks to many donors and volunteers who helped make this a reality.

In March 2018, a team from Texas came to Boma to begin Phase 1 of a new water project by raising a 20 foot tower. In July 2018, John Burch and his son JD returned to install the two tanks that will be used to flow water to local villagers and to irrigate the demonstration farm.
Tracy Smith and John Burch began to set up the new irrigation system for the demonstration farm and raised the 20 foot tower.

Help us provide clean water to the Boma community

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