Preparing the Future Generations

Faith Learning Center (FLC) opened in 2006 with 90 students in kindergarten and first grade. A grade was added each year and FLC currently operates a K-8 school in Upper Boma. Through the years, there have been many tribal violence and conflicts that force families to leave Boma, and yet, our focus continues to be on training children within a Christian worldview.

Faith Learning Center is the only school in Upper Boma.
As many as 300 students have attended on a daily basis.
Eight classrooms are functioning currently while two need significant repairs to become operational.

Educating children in Boma, South Sudan is similar to the West in that they are taught many of the same subjects. Math, science, geography, English and Bible are typical every day classes.

SEA Partners encourages all the local girls to attend school.
Classes are taught by Kenyan teachers/missionaries who are highly educated and well qualified.
Students in grades K-1 are taught in the local Murle language while grades 2-8 are all taught in English.
A school feeding program includes raising local produced food to feed the children while they attend school.

To help a child gain an education, please give a gift of $40 online.

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