Above: 1-year old eucalyptus trees

Above: 7-year old Eucalyptus tree in Boma

Sustainability = Permanent Viability

Creating sustainability or viability is critical for organizations like SEA Partners who continually fundraise to maintain operations. Villagers in South Sudan, who have lived in poverty their entire lives, need an opportunity to create income and assets for their families so they can live long and productive lives.

Farming for Peace is a unique project! The main component of this project is sustainability through planting eucalyptus and fruit trees. Not only will SEA Partners plant trees on their land to fund their current and future needs, but we will partner with local farmers who can learn from our demonstrations and training. They too can create income that will be ongoing and replicable.

Key project activities:

Planting 250,000 eucalyptus grandis trees over a five-year period
Planting 5000 fruit trees to improve the long-term food security of the people in Boma and produce additional income for the local villagers

Include the use of tractors and other mechanized equipment to increase capacity. See the great story of the tractors, God provided to SEA Partners (Read More)

Program Sustainability/Viability opportunities:

Planting 50,000 trees per year for five years and we will begin harvesting the first year’s crop in year 6
Selling eucalyptus trees for construction poles, firewood and charcoal to generate income for families. (For example, a fully mature eucalyptus tree will bring $50-60 which is a significant profit for SEA Partners and the local villagers.)
Once a eucalyptus tree is harvested, it regrows bigger and faster. Often it will have two or three shoots increasing subsequent years harvests and profits
Selling the fruit grown in the orchards to markets in other parts of South Sudan will provide an additional source of recurring revenue
Surplus will be used to support other schools and hospitals throughout South Sudan and Kenya
Sustainability can be reached after 5 years once the first year’s trees are harvested and sold

This program is unique and will allow us to continually fund and increase the size and scope of our ministry in Africa. This program will benefit SEA Partners, Wells of Joy and the local farmers in Boma. Here is your chance to make a difference in the lives of many. Will you help us achieve sustainability through Farming for Peace?

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