Preparing for Future Growth

After 11 years of praying and trying to complete the airstrip in Upper boma, the first phase of the airstrip construction was completed in September 2019. Governor, David YauYau personally commemorated the event and opened the airstrip for service and noted, “The future is very bright for Boma and this new airstrip will aid in the development of the whole area. Thank you, SEA Partners, for your help in building up this community”.

This first flight in and out of Upper Boma in over 40 years was a monumental feat and will have lasting impact on future ministry opportunities in Boma. We are already seeing expansion opportunities and here are a few items the airstrip has been used for in its brief existence.

  • Missionaries from multiple organizations have been flown in and out as they continue their work sharing God’s love to the Murle, Kachipo and Jie villagers. We believe this is a major impact the airstrip will have on evangelism and peacebuilding.
  • SEA Partners staff have been resupplied so that they can continue their work uninterrupted.
  • Volunteers from the United States have flown into Boma so they could provide aid and support to the SEA Partners’ staff on the ground.
  • Fuel for the tractors has been flown in during these flights.
  • Our hope is that more organizations will come to Boma because of this website.

The continued upkeep and the expansion of Phase 2 is an ongoing need. Adding more length to the airstrip is needed in order to bring in fully loaded charter flights. Therefore, we will need a bulldozer or other larger equipment to clear the additional land and to level it out.

Will you help build phase 2 of the air strip? 

PO Box 271209
Flower Mound, TX 75027