Back To Boma: Team Return to Begin Farming

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Update | 0 comments

After months of trying and some last minute Covid challenges, a SEA Partners team landed in Boma through the driving rain. A small team, consisting of Peter Otieno (Project Manager) and Andrew Mbae (Agriculture/Mechanic), arrived in Boma last week to begin preparing land to plant vegetables. The plane landed with a smaller team so that we could transport more fuel for the tractors. Due to the torrential rains, we were unable to move fuel to Boma by road.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Vincent Owino has produced a short video for you to explain in more detail our return to Boma. Please take a look!

SEA Partners Compound in Boma

What is our compound in Boma Like? Here are two more videos we produced last year to give you a glimpse of Boma. Take a look!

Please Pray for our Team

There are many acres of land to cultivate, classrooms to repair, all the tukuls (huts) in our compound need replacing or repairing and both the electrical grid and water well need repairs. With only three staff members on the ground, the challenge is great. Please pray for our staff and their ongoing efforts to share God’s love with the people in Boma.

Will You Please Help?

The people of Boma could surely use your help. In order to increase the farming project that will feed 200 school children, we need to start growing food now. Since schools will reopen in January, farm land must be cultivated and planted immediately. Please consider a gift to help us farm more land in September and October. Thank you!