US Threatens to Withdraw Support for South Sudan

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In my last report, I presented a bleak outlook for the people in South Sudan. This week, due to a lack of progress in the peace process and with the talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia stalled, the US threatens to withdraw support for South Sudan. This is a very troubling possibility for those of us working in this poverty stricken country.
Two hundred children attend Faith Learning Centre each day.
To be honest, I really can’t blame the US government. Through the United Nations and USAID, the US gives South Sudan $100 million a month. Let that sink in…$100 million a month. In spite of this generous support, it appears none of the parties involved in the peace process are negotiating in good faith. As a consequence, the US government is now evaluating a course of action in response.

Breakfast of porridge is a very healthy meal for the students.

As I reflect on this situation, I realize that if the US government does eliminate or even reduce their support, development in South Sudan will be severely hampered. USAID provides funding for many schools, hospitals and food distribution throughout South Sudan. A reduction in aid will make the lives of the people even more difficult. And yet, what is the alternative given the opposing parties’ refusal to come to a peaceful resolution to the political crisis devastating their country?
Over the years, SEA Partners has received food rations from USAID (through their direct partners organizations) in Boma for the children and other work-for-food programs.
There are two things we can do in response to this challenge. First, we need to continue praying; for peace in South Sudan and for the wisdom of US government officials now reviewing their role in the peace process. Second, Sea Partners must be prepared for a worst case scenario; if USAID reduces their support, we will need to fill the gap by increasing our funding for both the Boma school and demonstration farm. While we receive no direct support from USAID, indirectly we get food for the children attending our school allowing us to provide them with two healthy meals each day. The loss of this would make providing a Christian education to the kids in Boma much more challenging. Therefore, we would need to not only raise money to buy food for the school feeding program, but also to increase the size of our demonstration farm so more food could be grown.
If this resource provided by USAID is lost, we will need to have the means in place for feeding over 200 children a day in our school. Your ongoing support is vital in maintaining our school feeding program. Please consider a gift to help us feed these children in Boma.
Thank you for your consideration.

Donnie Brake, Ed.D.

PS. If you feel led to give a gift to feed school children in Boma, please follow this link to easily give online. Thank you.

PPS. Again, I recommend you visit the SEA Partners’ store to find gift items available for purchase. Please take a look and know that 25% of all sales will go to help the children in Boma. Thank you.