Two Murle Students Perform Well in Kenyan Schools

by | Oct 7, 2017 | South Sudan Education | 0 comments

Two Murle students perform well in Kenyan schools as they continue their education in a challenging environment. Just think for a minute what it would be like to study in a foreign country, learning your second and third languages, all while competing for the opportunity to get into a good high school.


Simon Peter and Kaka were honored for their outstanding work in school. Great job!

Unlike the United States, students in Kenya often finish their education in the 8th grade and only the best students are given an opportunity to move into high school. Simon Peter and Kaka have consistently performed at a high level and this term finished 2nd in their class. If it had not been for their scores in Swahili, their third language, they would both have easily finished number 1 in their respective classes. They will have an excellent chance of getting into a good high school.


Because they finished so well this term, Henry Okumu, our African Director, and Salome, their foster mom, decided to throw a big party for them. We ate popcorn, drank sodas and had a really nice cake. It was a lot of fun and we are so proud of them.

Please Help!

Please continue to pray for these children as they grow and mature. These two Murle students along with their 13 other friends are working very hard in their school work. They still need our prayers and financial support in order to keep them studying in Kenya. Please consider a gift to help them in this journey.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Donnie Brake


PS. As we move into the last quarter of the year, please donate now to help the children from Boma continue their education in Kenya.