Key to Our Success in Boma: Part 3-Why SEAP Exists?

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After returning from Africa last week, I am more convinced than ever that the key to our success in Boma is bringing the light of Christ to the people of South Sudan. While education and food security remain very obvious concerns, there is also a deep and growing hunger for the things of God as evidenced through a story relayed to me by our Project Director in Boma, Vincent Owino.
Over 115 people squeezed into a small classroom for church last Sunday. Church attendance has continued to rise in 2018 as the people in Boma search for God.
Vincent and I were discussing the needs of SEA Partners in 2018 when he recounted to me a recent exchange he had with a man in the village. As I understand it, Vincent was out walking on a Sunday afternoon and noticed several men sitting under a tree shading themselves from the hot midday sun. After some initial greetings and discussions, Vincent asked why they were not in church that day. These men rarely went to church, so it was not a new thing, but Vincent was curious as to why they did not attend.
Their comment came as a complete shock to Vincent and was quite convicting for us both. One man said, “No one ever comes to our village to ask us to come to church. We don’t have a church building and the classrooms are small and can only hold a few people.” Vincent was quite emotional as he shared this with me and went on to say,
We are so busy with the school and the demostration farm that we have neglected the most simplest of things…asking people to join us in church. I was truly convicted by this and while these other projects are very important we cannot neglect the work of the church. Donnie, please try and find a pastor for Boma to come alongside these villagers and bring them the spiritual guidance they are looking for.


Vincent, our Project Manager, (Left) is truly a Jack-of-all-trades. He is the lead teacher, farm manager, church pastor and the Project Director in Boma. By-the-way, look at the avocado tree in between Vincent and me; it’s grown to my height in less than a year.
The Key to Our Success in Boma

The people of Boma are seeking our help. They need their children to be educated, their farmers to be trained in the best methods of growing food and they are looking for spiritual guidance. Therefore, the key to our success is to find a pastor who can relieve Vincent of this responsibility; someone who can focus on the spiritual needs of the Murle in Boma. Please pray that God would raise up a pastor and provide the funding for this position. We estimate the cost at being about $5400 per year or $450 per month. If you feel led to give towards supporting a pastor in Boma, please give a gift online. Your gifts will have eternal impact for Christ through the sharing of God’s word to our friends in Boma.

May God continue to bless you for your prayers and support.

Donnie Brake, Ed.D.

PS. Please consider a gift to bring a pastor to Boma who will share the Truth of God’s love with this community. Follow this link to easily give an online gift. Thank you.