South Sudan News: Future of the Boma Project

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This will be the final update in the series from my recent trip to Boma, South Sudan and the focus here is on the future of the Boma Project. We have no doubt God has directed our path thus far and are looking forward to what He has purposed for SEA Partners in the time He gives us to serve Him in South Sudan. We ask that you continue to pray that we would make wise choices in our efforts to make the Life of Jesus a growing reality to the Murle people.
Fifty-nine people attended the church service to hear Dr. Donald Brake share God’s word on the living water that comes with a relationship with Jesus Christ.
One of our five strategic initiatives is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ within the context of healthy local churches. Despite many challenging circumstances, the church we planted in Upper Boma 7 years ago continues to meet and serve the community.  As the local population returns from refugee life in Ethiopia, the church is growing and will soon be back to what it was before all the fighting began a year ago. Looking forward, our pastor training continues with the young men we feel the Lord has called to be spiritual leaders in their communities. We believe the hope for Boma is in raising up local pastors who have experienced and understand the power of the gospel to impact the lives of those who are exposed to its Truth.
Greeting each other after the church service.

Would you please pray with us that God raises up a missionary with a heart for Boma who would commit themselves to this training and encouragement of pastors on a permanent basis?

Dr. Brake teaches the Boma pastors on Christian leadership.
God has given us a unique opportunity as we serve the community in Boma through education, clean water, food security, evangelism, and community health.  We have identified three specific initiatives we believe will allow us to make significant progress in the coming year. The first two of these address our need to find sustainable revenue sources in Africa for the Boma Project.
  1. Agriculture: We intend to plant a second crop in late August or early September to provide more food for our students and staff. We believe agriculture has the potential to provide significant resources for us in the future. Cost to implement: $3,500.
  2. Bakery Project: In the past we have baked bread and sold it to the community to generate additional revenue. It was a successful program that we want to resurrect this year. With 3000 soldiers in the area, we have been told that a significant market is available for us to sell fresh bread daily. The start-up cost is approximately $4,000.
  3. Hire Two Additional Teachers: Not only will this share the burden placed on our current staff, but it will improve the education in Faith Learning Center. The salaries for each teacher is $250 per month, plus $125 each for food and living expenses in Boma.

If God would lead you to help fund one of these projects, please consider an online gift to help us bless the community in Boma.

Final Thoughts
As I reflect on my trip to Boma, I become increasingly convinced that God is at work in this tribal community occupying a remote corner of South Sudan.
* I visited the elderly man, Lumonyo, whom our staff rescued from death and starvation several months ago giving him a home in the SEA Partners’ compound. He was in good spirits and happy to see us.
Lumonyo in his tukul within the SEAP compound. Food is given to him daily as he is unable to provide for himself.

* The children at FLC are being fed daily through the School Feeding Program and have an opportunity to learn from quality Christian teachers each day.

FLC students having lunch provided through the School Feeding Program.

* Clean water is now abundant because of the the solar-powered water pump installed in July, 2014.  This is so important for our staff, our students and the community.

Thank God for the running water in Boma.

There remain many challenges in serving the Lord in Boma, but we are seeing much fruit from your generosity and prayers. Thank you so much for your expressions of love towards these people.  Supporting the Boma Project is having an impact for Christ and we praise God for allowing us to participate with Him in South Sudan.

May God bless you for your kindness.


Donnie Brake


PS. Pray for continued peace in Boma so our ministry efforts can be most effectual…….and please consider a gift to help us continue this important work.