We were excited to welcome Henry Okumu, our African Director, to the United States for the first weeks of November. Henry traveled to Dallas, TX, Portland, OR and Rochester, NY and brought good news from South Sudan. It was very fun to have Henry visit Good Shepard School in Gresham, OR and Coram Deo Academy in Flower Mound, TX where he shared wonderful stories with the kids about his life as a young boy and then a teacher in Kenya. Henry also visited several churches throughout the United States where he was a blessing to all who heard him speak about God’s grace during tough times and the hope we have in Christ moving forward with the Boma Project.


Henry’s First Trip to the US

Since this was Henry’s first visit to the United States, he was often asked “What do you think of the US?”. So here are a few of his comments and observations: 

1. His favorite food was chicken fajitas. He also liked the Big Mac from McDonald’s.

2. His first impression of Flower Mound, Texas was; “Why is no one walking around?” For those who have been to Nairobi, Kenya, Henry’s home, the roadways are lined on both sides with people walking at all hours of the day.

3. Henry did not understand why Americans use ice in their drinks when it’s cold outside. He was not a big fan of ice and cold drinks. Give him good old fashioned Kenyan tea (Kericho Gold) and he was very happy.

4. One thing he repeated over and over was how hospitable and  gracious the American people were.


Continued Results in Agriculture 

During his stay in the US, Henry reported steady growth in the agricultural program in Boma.  In April 2014 we planted the first crops since the fighting began the previous year. Our aim was to provide supplemental food for the students at Faith Learning Center and our SEA Partners staff.  Fresh vegetables have been lacking from their diets and now things like tomatoes are bringing new sources of vitamins and minerals. We look forward to expanding the agricultural program to include the entire Boma community as we work towards a local and sustainable food supply.
Strength in the Local Church 
It was so encouraging to all of us who heard Henry report on the state of the church in Boma. All the seeds that have been planted through your gifts and prayers seem to be taking root and producing fruit. Since people have begun returning to Boma the past few months, the church has been growing in a spiritual depth not witnessed in the time prior to the fighting and unrest. A powerful example of this depth is the many prayers offered by those in the church for outsiders who have perpetrated violence upon their families. These outsiders are now coming to church seeking peace and are experiencing a forgiveness that is changing their lives. That is the power of the Gospel at work in the hearts of those in Boma.

Final Thoughts
SEA Partners continues to be the only NGO that has returned to the Boma area and as such is fulfilling a vital role in this community. Your prayers and generosity have always sustained our presence in Boma and we ask for your continued support as partners serving Him in this remote corner of the world. Please remember our five missionary/teachers in Boma who daily share God’s love in both word and deed to students and their families; pray that God would continue to bless them with strength and good health.
Serving by the Grace of God,
Donnie Brake
PS. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. If you feel led to give, please consider an online gift on #GivingTuesday as a means to give back to after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Our goal is to raise our December’s operating budget of $6400 to help us continue this ministry to the people of Boma.