Materials of Joy Headed to Boma

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“You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy.” Psalms 30:11

Five of the eight classrooms were damaged in 2013.

Five of the eight classrooms were damaged in 2013.

In May 2013, the classrooms in Boma were severely damaged in the fighting between the government and rebel forces. It was very discouraging and disappointing to see the last 8 years of work being destroyed, but we thank God that this was not the end to the story.

Today, construction materials are being transported to Boma for the purpose of rebuilding and repairing the damaged classrooms. Praise the Lord! We are so grateful to those of you who faithfully prayed and supported us through this time. God is blessing the people of Boma through you and I look forward to sending you pictures as we complete the repairs.

Student Progress at FLC

7th Grade Class

7th Grade Class

In January, we enrolled 151 students in Faith Learning Center. This represents a significant increase over last year and we continue to see students progressing in their studies. When I met with the 7th grade class, I found that 15 of the 19 students had been in FLC since the first grade. In spite of all the turmoil in Boma, 15 students have been with us from the beginning. Praise the Lord! I received an email from a government official just after I returned from Boma. He said;

“I am humbled to write this message to you, deep in my heart I am really pleased seeing our children writing and speaking good English which we couldn’t have without the support from SEA-Partners. I am able to write a message to my little cousin who is in Kaywa and he can reply to me in good English better than myself. Good work friends, please continue showing us the right direction dear people.”

He is correct. In spite of my American accent, these children can speak very well and can carry on a normal conversation in English with me. It is amazing to see and hear their progress in English. We are so thankful for this tangible evidence of God’s continuing grace in the lives of our FLC students.

Final Thoughts

Teacher Eric and his second grade class.

Teacher Eric and his second grade class.

As we move forward with our efforts in Boma, please continue to pray for our students and staff. Boma is a challenging place to live and work, but it is indeed worth all the physical cost and emotional energy invested to remain obedient to the Lord’s call to bless this community. Your ongoing support has been instrumental in both our efforts and His blessing.

Thank you.

Donnie Brake