Large Scale Farming Begins: Airstrip Cleared!

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These last two weeks in Boma have been very busy. Our staff is working 12 hour days to clear both farm land in Lower Boma (Iti) and the airstrip in Upper Boma. It is amazing to see the rapid progress in the daily briefings from our Project Manager, Vincent Owino, who is using the internet from our partner, ACROSS, in Iti. Following are some of the highlights of our large scale farming and the clearing of the airstrip from Vincent’s reports.

Vincent is able to join the fun and level ground with the harrow on a farm in Iti. This large scale farming with directly impact the food security of Boma.

60 Acres of Land Cultivated so Far! Large Scale Farming is Underway!


Praise the Lord! Over the last two weeks Vincent and his team have been able to cultivate 60+ acres of land in Iti. Vincent told me,

“Virtually all the ground we are cultivating is either virgin land or land to increase the size of local farms.”

If the rains hold off a for a couple of weeks, we should be able to cultivate over 100 acres. This will make a huge difference for the Murle in Boma allowing them to plant an unprecedented amount of land for food to feed their families. Your prayers and support are having a huge impact on everyone living in both Upper and Lower Boma. Thank you so much!

The airstrip has been cleared and is ready for inspection. Hopefully we will soon be able to begin flights directly to Upper Boma.
Airstrip is Cleared!
After 7 years trying to complete the airstrip in Upper Boma, we have been able to clear it in just two weeks with the tractors and blade. Compare the picture above to the one below of the airstrip just three weeks ago. Quite a change isn’t it?
For reference, you can see the palm tree in the background to the left of the tractor and can compare it the the pic above where the palm tree is in the foreground. What an amazing difference to see what God has accomplished through us!

The final step is to get approval to use it by our partners, AIM Air. AIM Air flies us in and out of Lower Boma and they will have a pilot come to evaluate and provide recommendations for improvement. Once those improvements are completed, AIM Air will fly a test flight to ensure the airstrip is ready for regular use. Please pray for wisdom and insight as we complete this process. While we are excited about this new development, we want to ensure our new airstrip in Upper Boma is a safe place to land and take-off.


Final Thoughts


This is a very exciting time for SEA Partners. As the large scale farming in Boma continues and the lives of the people steadily improve, the challenge becomes funding all the opportunities coming to us. We still need to raise an additional $1154 to complete our matching gift program as well as funds to meet our ongoing expenses in Boma. Currently, about $7,900 is needed per month to cover our missionary staff, the school and our farming efforts. Our current monthly giving rests at $4100 per month. Simply stated, we need your help. Please prayerfully consider setting up a monthly gift online to directly impact the people in Boma. We believe that God’s hand is present as He moves to bring His healing life to Boma and we ask that you would join us in both praying and giving towards what He desires to accomplish there.
May the God Who Gives Only Good Gifts Bless You;


Donnie Brake, Ed.D

PS. If you’re able, please give now towards our critical goal of raising $30,000. We need only $ 1154 to complete our matching Gift Program. If you prefer to mail a check, our address is 2230 Morriss Rd, Suite 100-PMB 118, Flower Mound, TX 75028.