Kachipo Girl First to Study in Kenya

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Last week I spoke with a John Donyi, a missionary to the Kachipo people in Boma, through Facebook Messenger. I was shocked that the technology actually worked well enough to have a good conversation. During our discussion John relayed a short story to me about the Kachipo girl, Susan, who was transported to Kenya with 9 other Murle boys to further their education. SEA Partners is sponsoring this program through the generosity of several donors.

Susan is the tallest girl in the middle on her first day at school.

Susan is the tallest girl in the middle on her first day at school.











John was so excited to tell me his story. At first he was hard to understand but after a couple of tries I got the gist of his story. He proceeded to tell me that the Kachipo people in Boma were elated to see the picture of Susan on Facebook attending a public school in Kitale. Apparently, the internet in one of the non-government organizations (NGO) was working and David, our SEA Partners staff member, showed them the picture of Susan. John stated the Kachipo leaders believed that this is the first girl ever to receive an education. In fact, when they saw the pictures, he said they began jumping in the air and singing.

While I have no way of verifying that claim, it was very encouraging to hear about their enthusiasm. To be honest, SEA Partners has always wanted to educate Boma children in their own country. Unfortunately, the political and tribal conflicts in South Sudan have caused many interruptions to the educational programs and these 10 children must have an opportunity to continue learning. Susan may be the first Kachipo girl to be educated and if so, she may one day become a future leader who will be a shining example for all other girls.

Please continue to pray for Susan and her other 9 classmates as they continue their education in Kenya. To follow their latest experiences take a look at the latest blog on their activities to date.

Donnie Brake


PS. Please consider a gift to help Susan continue her education as the first Kachipo girl to have this opportunity.