In Spite of Covid 19, South Sudanese Children Continue Learning in Kitale, Kenya

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As Covid 19 continues wreaking havoc on the world, 16 children from Boma are trying hard to continue their education in Kitale, Kenya. Because schools are closed, they are making an effort to continue their learning at home. So this seems like a good time to re-tell their story and explain SEA Partners’ role and goal for their education.

In January 2014, our Director Henry Okumu received a phone call that 4 girls from Boma had been separated from their families due to some local insecurity. These four girls had walked to the northern Kenyan refugee camp of Kakuma (no small feat) and were all alone, hungry and sick. They are pictured above a few years later.

Henry immediately traveled to Kakuma where he found the girls, providing them with food and medical treatment. Continuing his efforts, he gained them “refugee status” and took them to his daughter Salomeh in Kitale who took them into her family. By the grace of God, these young ladies are doing very well and have continually excelled in school.

In 2016, we faced another challenge with insecurity in Boma. Immediately the parents of 10 more children asked if we would take their older kids to Kitale, Kenya to continue their education. After much prayer and discussion we decided to help them move to Kitale and they joined the other girls.

While it took the boys a bit longer to adjust to their new environment, I am happy to report that God has blessed them and almost all are presently in high school. It’s hard to explain just how unusual this is for a child from Boma to have the opportunity to continue their education outside of South Sudan. God’s hand has surely been upon these boys and girls.

It is our hope that someday they are able to return to Boma and help improve the lives of the villagers. We believe they can have a strong impact for Christ in the community through whatever career path they choose.


With all the schools presently closed in Kenya, these Boma students are trying to keep up with their lessons by reading the textbooks. While many of their fellow students are able to learn online, these kids do not have access to the internet so are falling behind. We are trying to find a solution but to date have failed to do so. Please pray for us as we seek a way to help them keep up with their class.

Funding for each of the student’s room and board is $80 per month and we pay this out of our general fund. It would be fantastic to find partners who would come along side and provide for their needs. Please consider a monthly gift to support these faithful students in Kitale, Kenya. Through your giving and prayers we can remain connected to these children and help provide them a hopeful future.

Thank you for your kindness and consideration.

Donnie Brake, Ed.D

P.S. Please give an online one-time gift or set up a monthly gift to help us continue to fund the program in Boma. Thank you so much!


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