First Boma Girl to Attend High School

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There is an old African proverb that says, “If you educate a boy, you educate an individual, but if you educate a girl, you educate a nation.” Understanding that an educated woman can have a positive impact on her family for generations, encouraging young girls to attend Faith Learning Centre in Boma has long been a primary focus of SEA Partners. And now Judisa Johnson, one of the girls we sponsor in Kitale, Kenya, has been accepted to high school and is the first Boma girl to ever attain this level of education. This news from our Director, Henry Okumu, is fantastic and nothing short of a miracle.
The first day of high school for the Boma girl, Judisa Johnson.


“Judisa Johnson has qualified for admission to high school. This makes her the first Boma Murle girl to qualify for high school education. This past week she joined Form I (9th grade) at Kibomet High School. There was great rejoicing here in Kitale and the same will certainly be true in Boma. I wish to share this great news of a success story with our supporters for having been instrumental in making such a great difference in the life of this beautiful soul. We continue to pray for the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ as we  serve Him in Boma and in Kitale as well. 
May all the glory and honour be to Him who sits on the Throne. Amen and amen!”  
Henry Okumu,
African Director
SEA Partners
Henry and Judisa registering for high school.

Again, I also want to thank you so much for your prayers and support. Judisa and four other girls are being educated in Kitale because of your generosity. Most young ladies Judisa’s age in Boma are already married and have one or two children. Our hope is that Judisa’s example would inspire other young women in her village and beyond to follow her pursuit of a better life through education. In spite of all the political unrest and turmoil, Judisa is one reminder that God is still working and loves the people of South Sudan.

May God bless these young ladies as they continue their education in Kenya.

Donnie Brake, Ed.D


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