Educating Girls in South Sudan is Challenging

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Educating girls in South Sudan is one of the most daunting challenges facing leaders of this new nation. While most in the West consider the education of girls as unquestioned reality, it is far from normal in many African nations.

Educating Girls is a Challenge

It is estimated that in South Sudan, 73% of all girls, ages 6-11, are not in school. What a travesty! Not only is it morally wrong, but it is exacerbating the ongoing crisis of poverty and places the community at a higher risk of health related deaths. As the main care-givers of the family, women in South Sudan who lack an education and basic understanding of health and sanitation, puts their family and the entire community at a higher risk. This is why Mary’s story is so important and critical to SEA Partners’ continued efforts in Boma.



Mary is in the 6th grade and has an excellent grasp of the English language. As part of a recent church service I was blessed to attend, Mary read from the English Bible and shared her testimony of how God has spoken to her about loving those who choose to curse you. Amazing! It was a powerful message that brought tears to my eyes.

The Student Becomes the Teacher

More tears were to come as Mary then introduced a group of younger children who sang a beautiful song for us. As their leader, Mary had been teaching them this song in preparation for sharing it in church. I really don’t have the words to express how moved I was by this performance. Here is a young lady who has developed a faith in God and is actively putting it into practice each day by teaching other younger children.


After the service that day I was talking with Vincent Owino, our Project Manager in Boma, and asked him about Mary. He said that Mary loves school and her father wants her to continue learning at Faith Learning Center.  In fact, Vincent said that Mary’s dad told him, “I will shoot anyone coming near my daughter for marriage. She is going to get a full education from SEA Partners.” This is a really big deal because fathers are often marrying their daughters off by the age of 12 or 13 so they can get a dowry for her and increase their wealth.
The girls of Faith Learning Center in Boma enjoying a snack of fresh corn from the SEA Partners’ farm.

Thank You So Much

Your prayers and support are changing lives in Boma, South Sudan. Mary, and girls like her, are receiving an education in Boma directly because of your involvement. Lord willing, Mary will have a long-term impact on the Murle community for years to come.


Please continue educating these girls by giving an online gift. Your support will give hope to these young girls attending Faith Learning Center. Your support is critical to continuing this important work.


May God bless you for your kindness.

Donnie Brake

PS. Please consider giving a  gift to train the young girls in Boma. Educating these young girls is critical to eliminating poverty and health related deaths in South Sudan.