Clean Water in South Sudan: Solar Powered Pump

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Next week I am leaving for Boma, South Sudan with a long list of tasks to accomplish. Foremost on my list is helping install a new solar-powered pump to secure clean water for the people in Upper Boma.  Henry Okumu recommended this course of action because it has the capability of serving more people and the life expectancy of this system appears longer.  The cost is comparable to our previous requests and we remain approximately $5,000 short of fully funding this project. Fortunately, the well repair company realizes the critical need and is willing to take a substantial down payment and then allow us to pay the balance as resources are provided.  If you feel led, please consider a gift towards making clean water available for our brothers and sisters in Boma. 


Challenges Obtaining UN Food  

The famine in South Sudan is well documented and continues to be the subject of numerous news reports. Last week we were told by the Joint Aid Management (JAM), our partner on-the-ground in Boma, that all school feeding programs in South Sudan were suspended by the United Nations until further notice.  Due to the staggering number of people presently facing starvation, a decision was made to focus all their resources towards feeding families. 

We are excited that the UN is now distributing food to help alleviate the suffering, but since Faith Learning Center is the only school operational in Boma, we intend to appeal this decision directly to the United Nations office in Juba.  Upon my arrival in Kenya, Henry and I will be traveling to Juba to speak with officials from the UN and Ministry of Education.  Please pray for our trip to Juba that we would speak to the appropriate people and be successful in gaining access to South Sudanese leadership. We would also appreciate any financial support you can give to help defray the cost of this trip. 

Successes in Boma 

Each week I share with you the challenges we face in Boma, but God has provided us a significant number of successes as well.   In three short months:

  1. We have been able to rebuild and secure the school and our compound.
  2. We have established excellent relationships with the local leadership in Boma.
  3. The school has been re-opened and almost 100 students are given a Christ-centered education each day.
  4. A school feeding program provides a healthy meal each day for our students.
  5. The church in Boma is growing and meets each week to share God’s word with the community.

These victories are by the grace of God and are having a profound impact on the Boma community.  Certainly there remain significant challenges, but we trust God to provide for our needs and to give us the strength to overcome the obstacles.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  May God bless you as you serve Him.

Donnie Brake


PS. Continue to pray for God’s blessing and provision for the Murle People who are suffering greatly. A gift of any kind will help us provide clean water to an entire community in Upper Boma.