Capacity Building in Boma, South Sudan

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Capacity building is a common term used in Africa. Simply defined it is a planned development designed to increase knowledge and capabilities through training that will enable someone to improve his or her life.  Capacity building in Boma, South Sudan is challenging but there are some encouraging examples of success.
In Boma we are seeing an increase in specific instances of capacity building occurring through the efforts of SEA Partners. One brief example of this involves a student in Faith Learning Center, Elvis, who has taken his training in school to a very practical level.

Elvis is a 6th grade boy (13 years old) who is a very bright student. He is either number 1 or 2 in his class each year. This year, SEA Partners began a class in agriculture for all the students at Faith Learning Center. Forty minutes a day the students learn how to prepare the plot, plant the seeds and harvest the crop for food. Elvis took this training one step further; he actually borrowed a tool and with help from his brother, prepared the soil by digging on three separate plots. The staff of SEA Partners gave him seeds and he planted corn, okra, and ground nuts (like peanuts). He figured out that if he planted three crops that would be harvested at different times he would have longer access to food. Brilliant!!


Elvis is a perfect example of what SEA Partners is trying to do in Boma. Building capacity in this remote region is not easy, but we continue to be encouraged as stories of this type become increasingly common. Thank you for your support as we, one child at a time, continue building the capacity of the people in Boma.

May God bless you for your prayers and support of our brothers and sisters in South Sudan.

Donnie Brake


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