Great news: Our Boma Staff is resupplied! A plane landed at the Upper Boma airstrip to resupply our staff with food, supplies and medicines. After weeks of preparation we were able to complete this important task. We thank God for answering our prayers!

Additionally, we were told that Head Teacher John is feeling much better. With no medical professionals or medicine in Boma, it was solely by God’s grace that John woke up the day before the plane arrived telling Henry he was feeling better. He decided to remain in Boma with Velma until we could bring in the appropriate replacements. Praise the Lord! Please continue praying for John and Velma’s health.

Your Help is Making a Difference

For 16 years, SEA Partners’ champions like you have been making it possible for children and their families to fully participate in our community development programs in Boma. The people of Boma have been marginalized and needed our help to build and operate a school, provide clean water, and to help them improve their farming practices.

A few of Our Boma staff are pictures with the team from Oregon and Texas. They would appreciate your continued support so they can provide for their own families.



With the borders between Kenya and South Sudan temporarily closed, we are unable to continue our normal projects. Most of our staff remain in Kenya waiting for the school and our farming projects to reopen. These staff members are dedicated to serving the people of South Sudan but cannot due to Covid-19. Without our help, these staff members and their families will suffer extreme hardship.

We are committed to keeping our staff paid during these difficult times even though they are unable to serve in Boma. Our goal is to provide a full salary for all 18 of our employees (South Sudanese and Kenyan) totaling $4250. Your generosity is critical in keeping them employed so they can support and care for their families.

Please consider a gift to help us pay 100% of our staff’s salaries this month. Through your giving and prayers, we can remain connected to these faithful brothers and sisters.

Thank you for your kindness and consideration.

Donnie Brake, Ed.D


P.S. Please give an online one-time gift or set up a monthly gift to help us continue to fund the program in Boma. Thank you so much!