Back to School in Boma, South Sudan

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Remember those first days back to school when you were a child? Remember the excitement and eagerness of entering a new grade as well as the nervousness, fear and that sick feeling in your stomach? This week, the children from kindergarten to 8th grade experienced those same feelings as went back to school in Boma South Sudan.
As the new year begins, we ask that you pray for these students as they go back to school:
  • For a year uninterrupted by violence so they can focus on their studies
  • To stay motivated and have continued support from their families to go to school daily
  • For safety while walking to and from school
  • That each student would have a prosperous and productive school year.
Teacher David is working with the 4th grade class.
As the students return, so do the teachers. During the time off our Kenyan staff was able to return home to visit their families. We ask that you pray for the staff as they go back to school:
  • For God to use them as effective tools to educate the children of Boma
  • They would stay focused on the goals and mission of SEA Partners
  • To be encouraged and strengthened by the Spirit to continue providing a Godly example and influence in the community.
Over the past few weeks there have been some major changes within the local government and we now have a new governor of our state as well as a new county commissioner in Boma. Please pray for these new leaders:
  • To make wise decisions with hearts desiring the best for the ¬†citizens of Boma and South Sudan
  • For the moral strength and confidence to do the right thing when challenged
  • That they would support initiatives designed to help provide for the basic needs of their people and assist in their daily lives.
Director Henry (left) and Donnie Brake (center) are traveling to Boma in March.
At the end of this month, President Donnie Brake and African Director Henry Okumu are going to Boma. They will be taking a land surveyor with them to inspect and plot out our newly acquired farmland. Once this survey is completed and registered, this 1,000 acre gift from the South Sudan government will be ready for farming. This rich farmland could provide a solution to the ongoing hunger in Boma and the surrounding regions. We ask that you pray for Donnie and Henry’s trip:
  • For safe travels and that all would go smoothly in the surveying of this new farmland
  • That God would provide the resources allowing them to take in some of the tools needed to prepare this land for the upcoming planting season.
  • They are able to meet with the new government officials and begin building positive relationships to ensure future years of support.
We created Raising Hope 150 as this year’s campaign to address the two major areas we believe to be of critical concern in Boma; education and agriculture. As the school year begins and we sit on the cusp of another planting season, funds are urgently needed to keep these two functions moving forward. Your support in all of this is essential. In addition to the prayer requests listed above, would you also prayerfully consider a generous donation to SEA Partners? To give a gift supporting the work in Boma please¬†click here or go to our website at
Thank you and God Bless;
Mike Funk
U.S. Director
SEA Partners
PS. A gift to Raising Hope 150 will provide immediate help to the people in Boma, South Sudan.