Growth in SEA Partners Agriculture Program in Boma, South Sudan

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In this second update, Henry provided us with news of the growth in the SEA Partners’ agriculture program in Boma, South Sudan. Due to our success last year, the community and government officials in Boma have granted SEA Partners 1000 acres of land. to increase the agricultural development in Boma County. This is significant because it is another step toward developing sustainability in the Boma Project.

Henry’s Update

Cultivation of new land to grow cassava and sweet potatoes.

Cultivation of new land to grow cassava and sweet potatoes.

SEA Partners staff cultivating and clearing the land for planting corn, beans, sweet potatoes and cassava in the agriculture program in Boma, South Sudan. On September 10th a charter flight delivered farm inputs to Boma and I am glad to report that good work is going on there. The unusual drought that prevailed from June through August did not intimidate our SEAP staff. By faith they prepared land and planted cassava and sweet potatoes. Even though some of the cassava and potato vines did not sprout, by faith they continued to prepare land for the second crop of maize and beans.

Beans sprouting up in spite of the drought.

Beans sprouting up in spite of the drought.

Early this month the rains came and again by faith, they planted part of another ten acres of land they had prepared between the compound and the army barracks. Bean seeds have already begun to germinate. By the time the September 10th flight arrived, the maize and beans had started to germinate. The rains have now resumed in earnest and if funds would allow, it would be good to ship in additional cassava and sweet potato vines to replant the area affected by drought. An extra $1,000 should be sufficient for this purpose and allow us to seize the opportunity to maximize our production.

Thank you for your continued generosity.

May God Bless You.

Henry Okumu African Director

Completed storage unit to store harvested produce.

Completed storage unit to store harvested produce.

Construction of the storage structure is complete and it is already being put to good use. It is spacious enough to house all of our grain needs as well as other materials that should be protected from the bad weather, e.g., timber. Moving forward we will be placing a greater emphasis on agriculture production for two reasons.

First, we want to train local families to become better farmers creating sources of food to reduce the effects of drought and famine as was recently endured. Second, we intend to grow enough food to export produce to other parts of South Sudan generating revenue for the school and church. In all our research and Henry’s extensive experience in agriculture, we believe project sustainability can be achieved. Please consider Henry’s request to give for sweet potato and cassava vines to replace those lost in the drought.

With your help we can make this project an example for others in South Sudan.

In His service,

Donnie Brake, Ed.D.


PS. Your generous contributions will enable us to continue serving the Lord in Boma as part of God’s ongoing plan for development in South Sudan. Stay tuned for Henry’s third update focusing on Faith Learning Center.