Great News from South Sudan: Updated

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While the students at Faith Learning Center remain on Summer Break, I heard some great news from South Sudan. Vincent Owino, our Project Coordinator, told me that the World Food Programme (WFP), a subsidiary of the United Nations, has donated over 2 metric tons of food to SEA Partners to feed the school children. He called it “miraculous”. That is almost 5,000 pounds of food consisting of sorghum, beans, cooking oil and salt. This food should last throughout the remainder of the school year.
david-receives-food-from-wfpDavid Seje receives food from World Food Programme (WFP) for the children at Faith Learning Center in September 2016
What a blessing! Now we are on the list of schools that will continually receive food for our students. As you know, hunger and famine is the number one problem facing the people of Boma. This food will provide healthy meals for each child that attends school and will relieve some of the burden from their parents. At the same time, it will encourage these parents to send their children to school. A win-win!
Children from Faith Learning Centre playing games during their summer break.

Not-so Good News in South Sudan

Mike Funk has done a great job keeping you updated on the tense political situation in South Sudan. While there is now a fragile peace in the capital city of Juba, most foreign government and non-government officials have been evacuated as a precaution.  Even though Boma has been peaceful since early May, we also have reduced our staff for security reasons and have given them an extended summer break. Vincent is our only staff member from Kenya on the ground and he is managing the local staff as we prepare to harvest our crops next month. We hope to resume classes in August, and Lord willing, continue school through the end of the year.
Robert’s third grade class.
Please continue praying for peace in South Sudan; without peace progress and prosperity is almost impossible. The people of South Sudan truly need our prayers and our continued financial support. I spoke with one prospective donor this week who suggested that due to the political climate, generating new donations for South Sudan will be difficult. I really hope that is not the case. Rather, I believe this is the time, even more than ever, for us to step up our support. To abandon these dear people and their children in these challenging times is just not an option. Will you stand with us and provide a gift to directly support the people in Boma, South Sudan through an online gift?
One of the tukuls partially destroyed in Kaywa.

Patience is Needed and Action Required

Looking back on our history in the United States, the US was still at war 6 years after declaring their independence from the British and continued political in-fighting for many years beyond that. Similarly, since South Sudan declared its independence in 2011, it has struggled to govern itself while dealing with political and tribal conflicts. I believe it is imperative we continue supporting South Sudan and give them time to organize and self-govern.
In spite of all the challenges and turmoil, there is evidence of God working in Boma. The food donated by WFP is just the latest example. Thank you for all your prayers and generosity. You are making a huge impact on the Murle community in Boma. Ten years from now I am confident you and I will look back on this period and rejoice, knowing we participated in what God was doing to change the course of history in this remote corner of the world.
May God richly bless you as you serve Him.
Donnie Brake, Ed.D.

PS. If God is leading you to financially partner with us during these challenging times, please donate now online.

The goat farm continues to thrive and grow in Boma.