4 July Updates from Boma, South Sudan

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We received Henry Okumu’s July updates from Boma South Sudan. We are excited to share these with you. Henry has not been able to send us a report in some time as he has been incapacitated with a very serious illness. Our construction manager, Ken, has also been sick, but both are now recovered and we thank God for their healing.

July Updates from Boma, South Sudan

Health Issues for SEA Partners Staff

Ken (left in yellow) and Henry (left in green) listen to the Boma Commissioner discuss the importance of education.

Ken, our construction manager, fell seriously ill a week after his return to Boma. This affected progress of work on the farm and classroom repairs. We carefully monitored his situation and advised our staff on how to make the best use of our medical kit to help him. Fortunately, after following the instructions carefully, he recovered and has fully resumed his duties.

During my travels in northern Kenya securing supplies for Boma, I was bitten by a poisonous lizard and became very ill. For 6 weeks I underwent treatment for this and was just recently cleared by a doctor to resume my work. It was a scary time, but I am so thankful God provided excellent medical care and by His grace I am now fully recovered.

 Staff Changes

There are a few changes in our Boma staff. Christine, who was teaching at FLC in 2013 just before the YauYau rebellion, was willing to return to Boma and went in with other staff on the June 8 flight. She is replacing Junior who was reluctant to return. We are also replacing Zachary with another teacher who will go to Boma July 10th.

Faith Learning Center Update

Faith Learning Center reopened on June 15 for Semester 2, 2015. Teaching and learning goes on, though not without the usual challenges unique to the local cultural setting. The annual spring Botonya-Lango feud (the younger men fight with the older for leadership of the community) started on May 10 and has adversely affected both the community and some of the older FLC male students who got caught up in it. Among the victims of this brutal age group clash was Luke, our local pre-unit teacher, who received severe bodily injuries. Several villagers had to relocate away from Kaywa after their homes were burnt down and their chickens taken as payment of a fine that all their cash could not cover. Some of the older FLC boys who fled from the fight have not returned to school.

Construction Update

Repair of classroom walls is 100% complete and the work of fitting window frames is continuing well. Praise the Lord! We thank all of you who provided the funds to complete this work.

Corn and beans are inter-mixed for best results.


Work has now started on assembling local materials for the construction of the grain store as harvesting of beans is set to begin next week. Crops in our 10 acre farm are doing fine and we expect a bumper harvest. This year’s agriculture project has inspired a lot of interest both among members of the local communities and other NGO’s in Boma. Even ACROSS visited upper Boma to see our crop and learn from us.

Final Thoughts

This report brings good news of great joy! God has provided the funding to accomplish this progress through your continued generosity and for this we are ever thankful. SEA Partners has made a long term commitment to participate in God’s transforming grace in the lives of this community, and even though there is encouraging development, we continue to need your help moving forward. Please consider a gift to continue the work in Boma.  

May God bless you for your prayers and support of our brothers and sisters in Boma.

Donnie Brake


PS. Please pray for the safety of our staff as they faithfully serve in Boma.