10 Years of Evangelism in Boma

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10 Years of Evangelism in Boma

Having been involved in bringing the Gospel to the community of Boma since my first visit in 2007, I would like to share a perspective on the power of that Gospel in changing lives and creating a totally new atmosphere and way of thinking among the Murle people. When SEA Partners first went to Boma, words like hopeless, darkness, despair, forgotten and disenfranchised described the spiritual climate in which the people lived. The light of the Gospel then began penetrating this darkness and changes came as Jesus was lifted up.

 First Years in Boma

The Worship Team at Church Service Under the Mango Trees

I remember TL and Job who were members of SEA Partners’ first staff in Boma in 2006. These men were commissioned for one year with the sole purpose of establishing a church and sharing the Gospel with the community of Upper Boma. The church began meeting under the mango trees with some people standing and others sitting on makeshift benches. The wonderful drums, singing, dancing and teaching of God’s Word were all part of these gatherings.  When we completed the first school classroom, church moved inside so we could meet year around.

Training Pastors for the work of Evangelism
During our second pastor training a young man shared a story that was a poignant illustration of a change God was bringing to Boma. Sadly, his niece had been killed by someone from a neighboring tribe. After discussions with his family, they decided not to seek revenge as had been the way of this culture for centuries. Instead, they chose to forgive and let the law take its course. The Gospel was taking root and eroding the revenge mentality.

2007 Pastor Training 

A group of young boys from our school sat one afternoon near the compound discussing something in Murle that appeared quite important. When asked what it was they were discussing, they replied it was about things they were learning from the Bible and they would tell us their thoughts when they could speak better English. The Gospel was beginning to penetrate young minds and hearts through our school.

The Gospel takes hold in the Community
Before SEA Partners came to Boma the kids in the village fought a lot and played together very little. After a few visits, it was such a blessing to sit in my tukul and hear the sound of kids in the village singing worship songs mixed with laughter as they played games learned in school. The spiritual climate that not long before was overcast with darkness was beginning to brighten with the light of the Gospel.

I remember hiking to villages near our compound with the Jesus Film, setting up the screen and watching as often hundreds would come to watch. A local pastor would share the Gospel at the end of the film and then we would hike back up the mountain under the stars rejoicing in the knowledge that many who had never before heard the Gospel had been touched by the Holy Spirit.

Taking the Jesus Film to Kawya

During my most recent visit to Boma this past March, I shared a Gospel message in the Sunday morning service. By Henry’s latest count, 28 people came forward to receive God’s forgiveness and sign their names to a paper for being baptized as soon as we have the means to do so. God’s Spirit continues to move in the hearts of this community and it all started 10 years ago when we made a commitment to make the Gospel central to all we did in Boma.

Yes, we have made humanitarian progress with education, providing clean water and teaching agriculture……..all good things. But the one thing that motivates those of us ministering in Boma is making the free gift of eternal life through the Gospel known to as many of the people as possible. True community transformation begins in individual hearts and the agent of that transformation is the Gospel.  All of you who have supported SEA Partners’ efforts in Boma have played an integral part in all that God has done in this community. God touches our lives in a profound way as we give ourselves wholeheartedly to sharing the Gospel — in Boma, South Sudan or in our own neighborhood.

I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.  Romans 1:16

Micheal Harris

SEA Partners Board

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