Save the Date: December 18, 2018

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On December 18, we are planning our Laying a FoundationGiving Day. Each year we receive 20-25% of our annual funding in the month of December. God is giving us a number of amazing opportunities to share his reality with the South Sudanese people and we would love for you to pray with us these next 6 weeks about how you might participate on December 18.
Following are three of these opportunities with the potential of major impact in Boma and beyond. Please pray that we would have the wisdom and resources to follow Him in obedience as we move into 2019.
God Sends Servants to Help
Eric and Rebekah Schwanke, from Oregon, have decided to go to South Sudan in November. The November trip is for the purpose of repairing and transporting tractors from Juba to Boma. After the first of the year, they are praying about going to Boma for an extended time  to train local Murle youth in both maintaining these tractors and using them for large-scale farming. They need our financial support in order to invest their time and expertise in the future of farming in Boma.


Dan and Teresa’s mission board has asked that we not use their last name in communications.

Dan and Teresa, missionaries to South Sudan from the United States, have agreed to provide agricultural and administrative support for SEA Partners. Dan, an agriculturalist, has been to Boma twice with me and has a desire to help increase the farming and tree planting capabilities there. Teresa has extensive experience in administration and will help us with logistics and fundraising. They also need our help financially.

God Gives Tractors for Large-scale Farming


As you have likely read in the past few updates, SEA Partners has been given the use of 20 new tractors in need of some minor repairs and transport from Juba to Boma. The use of these tractors will allow the people of Boma to feed and provide for their families like never before.

It is our hope to raise $80,000 on December 18 to fund these 3 opportunities and others we feel God has put before us. This is our chance to lay the foundation for the next 5 years of ministry and development in South Sudan. Last year, families like you gave over $48,000 in December and we are trusting God to provide even more this year. Please commit the next 6 weeks to prayer and see if God is prompting you to give on Laying the Foundation Giving Day.

Thank you.

Donnie Brake
PS. Tractor Update: So far we have pledges and gifts of $19,000 to repair and transport 20 tractors to Boma. Eric, Rebekah and I will be in Juba to repair these tractors November 14. If you feel led to give a gift to help get all 20 of these tractors repaired, please follow this link to easily give online. We could really use your help.