Raising Hope 150 Begins in 2016

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Our mission is to serve God through educating children and pastors, advancing community development, and partnering with other people and organizations for the spiritual and social transformation of the South Sudanese people.​ Raising Hope 150 begins in 2016 and continues advancing community development in Boma.


In 2005, SEA Partners staff and Board Members were invited to Boma and were asked by the local community to help the Murle people. After much prayer, SEA Partners accepted the call and began The Boma Project.

After 10 years of service in Boma, now its time for a new phase in the growth of the project in Boma. Going forward in 2016, we are believe God is leading us to expand the agriculture production. The number one problem facing people in Boma is hunger. Families leave their homes and villages to find food for their starting children. SEA Partners must find a way to provide hope to families who simply want to feed their children.

Children from Faith Learning Center in Boma, South Sudan eat from their harvest.

Children from Faith Learning Center in Boma, South Sudan eat from their harvest.

Raising Hope 150 addresses this issue head on and provides hope for those in desperate need of food. We have been given 1,000 acres to increase the farming capacity of Boma and by the grace of God we hope to plant fruit trees and more varieties of vegetables on a portion of this land. In order to do this we must raise $150,000 to purchase a tractor, hire and train local workers and support staff, buy seeds and tools for planting, and to transport the equipment to Boma.

Funds needed to increase food availability for the families in Boma, South Sudan.

$ 150,000

Tractor                     $ 25,000

Farming tools       $ 13,000

Training Center    $ 17,000

Local Staff             $ 50,000

Road Repair          $   3,000

Air Strip                   $ 20,000

Natural Fence $   5,000

Store/Duka $ 10,000

Transportation $   7,000

You Can Help

We want to provide training and resources to solve this hunger crisis in Boma, South Sudan. We need your financial support to help us fund this project. It is a huge undertaking, and we ask that you prayerfully consider a gift to train and feed the families and their children in Boma. Your tax deductible gifts will change the lives of children and their families in Boma.