Healing and Restoration in Boma, South Sudan

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Joseph is a fifth grade boy who loves to play soccer. Each evening in Boma last week, I watched him dribble and kick the ball until it was almost dark. He simply loves to play  the game. But without the help of Vincent Owino and the SEA Partners staff, Joseph may very well not even be alive much less enjoy his passion for soccer. Here is his story of healing and restoration in Boma, South Sudan

Joseph’s Story

Last fall Joseph had a wound on his leg that became infected to the point he was not able to come to school every day. When he did come to school the infected leg smelled so bad the other students refused to sit next to him in class. Many in the village believed Joseph might not survive this infection.

In Boma there are no hospitals or clinics. The SEA Partners staff can offer some minor first aid, but are not equipped to handle these types of situations.  When Joseph’s mother asked the staff to help, we intervened. Joseph was moved him into our compound where he received the best treatment we could provide; oral antibiotics and a daily dressing of the wound. By God’s grace Joseph was fully healed after a solid month of care and medication. Praise the Lord for his healing and restoration in Boma, South Sudan!

What I did not tell you is that Joseph’s father died in 2011 leaving his mother with three children and the inability to care for them. Joseph’s uncle helps out some, but times are hard in Boma and there is little food to go around. Because of his situation at home, Joseph continues to live in the SEA Partners compound and has really formed a bond with our staff, becoming like their little brother.

While we prefer that Joseph stay with his mother, she knows she cannot adequately feed and care for him and is supportive of our efforts. Joseph lives in the compound, does daily chores and is a happy child enjoying his soccer every day.

I was truly blessed by how our staff had stepped into Joseph’s life and I wanted to thank you all for your prayers and support that made this story possible. Your help is vital in providing comfort to children in Boma, one of the most remote places on earth.

May God bless you.

Donnie Brake, Ed.D.

PS. If Joseph’s story has touched your heart, please consider an online gift as your part in helping the children in Boma.