Great Success in Boma, South Sudan!

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Great Success in Boma, South Sudan

On September 13th I successfully landed in Boma, South Sudan with supplies, local staff salaries and a new teacher/missionary; Junior Onyango is our newest staff member. DSCN1656.bThe original plan was to bring two new teachers, but the other teacher was not able to process his travel documents in time and we had to leave him behind. Plans are underway to have him come with Ken (who is now on a short rest in Nairobi) next month.

Another Water Well Repaired

The soldiers, members of the community and FLC (Faith Learning Center) students have been crowding the SEAP compound to fetch water as both the school and soldiers’ water pumps are broken. This has caused a lot of disturbance and lack of privacy to our staff. So, when I realized that the other teacher would not be able to go on this trip, I quickly made last-minute arrangements with the water well company to have the technician go with us. The plan was to repair the school hand pump as well as assess the performance of the solar powered pump they installed in our compound two months ago. Both tasks were successfully accomplished so now Boma has plenty of clean water and our compound will not be so congested with people.

Agriculture Success

DSCN1642 (2)

Vincent is 6″ 2″ tall and cannot reach the top of the corn.

The pilot agriculture project we launched earlier this year is a great success and has provided a good demonstration effect to the students and the Boma community. Upon my arrival I was greeted with the news of this success right at the airstrip by some members of the community as well as community leaders.
“Ever since the beginning of SEAP’s work in Boma, there has never been such tall maize plants with such huge cobs as we have seen this year,” said a community leader. Even the local government officials spoke happily of how they had received maize from our hospitable and generous staff. There are also good crops of tomatoes, onions, kale and other vegetables growing in Boma. Pawpaw and sugar cane are up and growing again.

FLC students had received the clothes Donnie brought them in July from Coram Deo Academy. They look and feel very good in them. Teaching, learning and the feeding program continue and all are doing very well at the school. However, some children continue to stay in the village due to shortage of teachers and desks.

New Governmental Structure in Boma

The administrative structure in the area has changed and Boma is no longer in Jonglei State. Boma is now a full county in the newly created “Greater Pibor Area State”. A new governor has been appointed and the Commissioner for Boma will be named sometime soon. On the whole, Boma is peaceful and our staff are feeling blessed.

Thanks and God bless you;

Henry Okumu

African Director

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