Farming for Peace a Reality in Boma

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In July of 2015, Henry Okumu, Vincent Owis, Mike Funk and I birthed the idea of  Farming for Peace. It was our prayer that this initiative would provide economic opportunities for the people in Boma while giving them an alternative to these constant tribal conflicts that have been ongoing for decades. Being given the tractors and seeing them safely in Boma was cause for great excitement as we sensed that Farming for Peace was becoming a reality.

Farming in Boma continues shortly after the conflict ends.

Discouragement in the Continued Tribal Conflicts

I will admit to being discouraged when the reports came out last month that a large tribal conflict occurred in and around Boma. I remember asking the Lord, “Why are you stopping all the good things that are going on in Boma? We’ve plowed nearly 100 acres of farmland and the children are doing so well in school. This conflict just seems so poorly timed!” Fortunately, God knew exactly what He was doing.
Vincent and his team have traveled to areas that SEA Partners has never before reached. The leaders of the Boma National Park asked Vincent to bring our tractor and plow some land for them. SEA Partners’ influence is growing!
I recently received an Instant Message from Vincent, our Project Manager in Boma, that members of the Jie tribe had asked him to come and plow some land in their villages. SEA Partners has had only a cursory amount of contact with this tribe and have never been invited to their villages. The ironic thing is that four weeks ago the Jie threatened to burn the village and our compound in Upper Boma because they wanted revenge on the Murle for their attack on April 8.
Plowing farmland for the Jie in their nearby village of Nauyapuru.

Farming for Peace in Reality

Since our staff had relocated to Lower Boma during this recent conflict, Vincent, against the advice of local authorities, decided to go and help the Jie. For three days he and our drivers plowed many acres of land so the Jie can now plant more food for their families. Now we not only have helped them increase their food production but have begun a relationship with them that can help lead to peace in Boma… Farming for Peace!
As I thought through this blessing I was reminded of Joseph’s quote in the Old Testament:
You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Genesis 50:20 (NIV)
While we may not know or see the entire plan God has laid out for our work in Boma, one thing is clear – He is working! He is saving lives! Praise the Lord! Thank you for all your prayers for peace in Boma. Please keep it up!
May God bless you for your kindness!


Donnie Brake, Ed.D

PS. If you feel led to help us continue this project Farming for Peace, please consider an online gift to help us buy more fuel for the tractors and seed for the farms. We really need your help this time of the year. Thank You!