Farmer Training Efforts Impacting the Community

by | Aug 31, 2017 | South Sudan Food Security | 0 comments

Your prayers and support are bearing much fruit in Boma. Spending 5 days there this past month, I saw first hand the tremendous progress being made in SEA Partners’ farmer training and agriculture programs. Praise the Lord! It was so encouraging to see the results of our training efforts impacting the community in such a positive way.


I saw rows and rows of maize (corn) all throughout Upper Boma. It was truly amazing!
The 2017 harvest will likely be the best in many years. Walking around Upper Boma I could not believe the volume of crops planted. I saw corn, beans, kale, yams, peanuts, cassava, sorghum, tomatoes and carrots. Our Project Manager, Vincent Owino, told me, “The people kept coming to me and asking if they could have our seed. They would say … the SEA Partners seed does so well. Please give us more seeds to plant.” Thank God many of you provided the support needed for us to have those seeds available to give them through our farmer training program.


Chief Lino showing Vincent, Dan Janzen and me his cassava farm.
 During one walk through the village I met Chief Lino who wanted to show me his cassava farm. It was the largest farm in the village and I was shocked to see how much work he had done. What Chief Lino has accomplished provides a great example for others in the community to follow. At one point in our conversation he made a comment that I have never before heard in Boma; “This year my family and the people of Boma will have no hunger.” Wow, what an amazing statement! For the first time in memory the people of Boma believe they can make it through the dry season with enough food for their families. Farmer training is effective in food security projects.
The SEA Partners demonstration farm is also producing a bountiful harvest. Our corn is coming in large quantities and I was able to eat several ears myself (I love roasted corn). While it is important for our farm to grow food for our staff and students at Faith Learning Centre, the demonstration effect to the community is its primary function.


Jennifer, our newest staff teacher, picked some tasty tomatoes for dinner one night.
We are truly grateful for all your support as God continues using you to change lives in Boma through farmer training. You are having a profound impact on this remote community in South Sudan as there is a growing sense of pride among the people that they they are learning to feed themselves. We want to remain a source for seeds to farmers desiring to plant them, but our stock is nearly depleted. If you feel led to support this project and help us replenish our supply of seeds, please give a gift online.
Thank you again for all your prayers and support. May God bless you for your kindness to the people of South Sudan.


Donnie Brake
PS. Farming is critical to the survival of the Murle in Boma. Please consider a gift of $50, $100 or $250 to purchase additional seeds for the people to plant in their farms.