Clean Water Brings New Hope to South Sudan

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Repairing Wells in Boma

The well in the school compound produces some water, but the seals have been damaged due to overuse.

The well in the school compound was repaired in September.

Clean water is critical to the people of South Sudan. In the town of Boma, the people have long struggled to find clean water for their families.  From 2006-2010, SEA Partners drilled four wells to provide for the needs of the people in Upper Boma, Kiowa and Bian. During the conflict of 2013, the water wells were damaged and were of little use.

In July 2014, SEA Partners began the process of repairing those wells. Through the generosity of donors in the United States, the first of four wells were repaired and a solar pumped was installed to secure a lasting source of clean water for the SEA Partners’ staff and the students of Faith Learning Center.  The second well was repaired in September of 2014 and the the villages had additional access to clean water.

Project Coordinator, Vincent is pictured next to the new solar powered water system. The crop of maze is in the back ground.

Project Coordinator, Vincent is pictured next to the new solar powered water system. The crop of maze is in the back ground.

Yesterday, SEA Partners sent another water well technician to Boma to repair the remaining two water wells. We are excited that God has provided the resources to complete this major undertaking. We hope to pass on some pictures of the repaired wells for you in the near future.

Two New Missionaries in Boma Provide Relief for Existing Staff

Living in Boma can be challenging and yet God continues to provide staff members who want to serve God in this remote place in South Sudan. Two new missionaries went in yesterday with the well technician allowing two of our staff to come out for a short vacation. Vincent and Robert have been in Boma since March and were overdue for a break. We thank God for their faithful service and hope they have a restful holiday.


Vincent (left) and Robert (right) are headed to Kenya for some R & R.

The two new missionaries are Zachariah Otundo and Eric Owuor and they will help Junior Onyango continue running the school will Robert and Vincent vacation.  Once Robert and Vincent return, we hope to retain all five teachers and look forward to another great year in 2015.

God’s Blessings

We have seen numerous challenges over the last couple of years and yet God has seen us through it all. The school and ministry in Boma is flourishing and we are so excited to see changed lives. We thank you so much for all your prayers and support. Your gifts are having an impact for Christ in South Sudan.

May God bless you and your families as you serve Him.

Donnie Brake