Bright Light of Hope Still Shining in War-Torn South Sudan

by | Apr 9, 2017 | Christianity, South Sudan Healthcare | 2 comments

Having just returned from my month-long journey to South Sudan and Kenya, I am still struggling with the images of displaced people I visited in a refugee camp near Juba. Starvation due to famine and political conflict is taking a devastating toll on the South Sudanese. But, in the midst of all this horror, I was also struck with a very real sense of hope as I witnessed many others called to minister and to comfort those less fortunate. One such bright light of hope was the work of Dr. Paul Thon Agok.

I met Dr. Paul during my stay in Juba and we became immediate friends. Dr. Paul is a medical doctor who has chosen to live and practice in Juba, South Sudan. He received his education in Uganda and has a real heart to help his people. Because of the ongoing political in-fighting in South Sudan, his family continues living in Uganda while he is serving the Lord with his gifts and abilities in Juba.

Dr. Paul began a healthcare organization, Live Well, to help people in refugee camps with all their medical needs. It was he who gave me a tour of one of these camps and the living conditions I encountered were deplorable. It is incredibly sad to know that people in our world are actually living in such dire conditions.

In the past, Live Well has received several grants from large non-profit organizations that has allowed Dr. Paul to continue serving the people in and around Juba. Due to the ongoing conflicts, this funding has been suspended so SEA Partners is hoping to help him continue and even expand his work. My time with Dr. Paul included discussions regarding the opening of a healthcare facility in Boma; please begin praying that SEA Partners and Live Well can find the resources to open this Boma clinic.

Because of godly people like Dr. Paul, hope in South Sudan remains a reality despite all the adversity and suffering of its people. Dr. Paul shines the Light of the World into this darkness and makes a Kingdom difference with each patient he treats.

May God grant the people of South Sudan peace!

Donnie Brake


PS. If you would like to help Dr. Paul and his work in Juba, please give a gift online and in the “Optional Notes” section use the name “Dr. Paul”. Thank you!