Boma Project Update: Director Okumu

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Boma Update

On March 5, 2015 the first truck delivering supplies for the 2015 construction projects arrived at the SEAP site in Boma. Nine days later, a second truck delivered additional supplies and went for sand; it, however, broke down on this trip and offloaded the sand at the roadside on its way to Upper Boma. The task of fetching sand is to continue. The following is a current Boma Project Update from Director Henry Okumu.

Since then the implementation of the 2015 projects have taken off and we are on the right course toward accomplishing our planned targets. By the time Micheal, Rick and I arrived in Boma on March 20 some 15 of the 60 desks had been completed and were already being used by the students. The construction of desks continues.

Ken, construction supervisor, is building 60 new desks for the students to use.

Also in progress was the work of boring holes in the metal plate that will be used to tie truss beams together during the roof construction of the classroom block housing Grades 1 and 2.

Johnson, one of our original South Sudanese workers, is preparing the metal plates for use in the repair of the classroom roofs.

Other projects like agriculture are being simultaneously implemented to meet the target of planting at the onset of rains. Cultivation is ongoing and farm inputs are already in Boma.

Agriculture Progress

This year we expect to plant 10 acres of maize and beans. These initiatives in agriculture are not only aimed at food production for staff use, but also to provide the badly needed demonstration effect and inspire local communities to produce their own food. Learning to farm and raise their own food will go a long way in stemming the problem of a welfare mentality that is firmly rooted as a result of decades relying on aid food for subsistence.

Ten acres of land is prepared to plant food for the staff and children in school.

In April and early May we have prioritized the completion of desk construction, planting maize and beans, wall repair and fitting windows and doors for classrooms before half of the staff come out for a short rest. Then in June the target is to complete school roof construction and repair of the storage container.

We, however, face a new challenge: the roofs of all the tukuls cannot survive the next rainy season which is just beginning. We have already started these repairs and must continue until finished. Please pray regarding this urgent need.

Many of our 10 tukuls are in need of repair.

Finally, one member of our staff, Eric, has returned to his home in Kenya and a new member, David, has replaced him. David is a teacher by profession and grew up in a family that did masonry work so he is a valuable addition. Pray for David as we continue to trust the Lord for the grace to serve Him in Boma.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. May the grace of our only Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, be with you all. Amen!


African Director,

SEA Partners


PS. Please continue praying for our missionaries in Boma. They are Africans who are serving their fellow African brothers and sisters. They are the feet and hands of Jesus to the Murle in Boma.