13 People Baptized in Boma

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Praise the Lord! Thirteen souls were baptized in Boma on August 5th. The ceremony was conducted by our two new Pastors in Boma, Lennox Barasa and Elkana Otanga. God is doing a mighty work in Boma and I wanted to share this story as it was shared to me by our Director, Henry Okumu.
13 souls were baptized in Boma beginning with our own 8th grade student Dickson Jakor-Rio. Dickson says in his testimony,
“I am happy for the baptism and I will preach the good news to the people….and I would like to preach in the radio through the Murle language.
On July 27, 2018, Pastors Lennox Barasa and Elkana Otanga arrived in Boma and I met them briefly at the airstrip on my way to Juba. Both men appeared excited to arrive in Boma and Henry had encouraged them to find a location for a baptism service.
(left to right) Pastor Elkana Otanga, Pastor Lennox Barasa, and Donnie Brake meet in Boma for the first time.
In a short time, the men found a place where the water was close to the surface and dug a hole in the ground allowing the water to seep in and fill it up. This surface hole was located near the Upper Boma village of Bayan which was about a 40 minute walk from the church.
Elvis Korok Koki, another 8th grade student was baptized as well who stated in his written testimony to Henry,
I join a new life by baptism and the teaching of the Word of God. Am learning the good news in the house of God and the laws of God like honor my mother and father.
Baptisms in Boma
On Sunday, August 5th, after the main service, the entire congregation walked to the baptism site to witness the celebration. Henry noted in his email, “There was great rejoicing in Boma, here, and in heaven.” Amen!
Francis Lachang was baptized and said,
“I am happy to be called a Christian and in fact a child of God and to do what Christians do like preaching and teaching others the words of God.”
Final Thoughts
In a year where we have seen many accomplishments in Boma, I believe this is the best one so far. Seeing these people make a public commitment to Christ is a testament to your ministry in South Sudan. Your prayers and support are directly impacting lives for eternity and you are fulfilling your part of the Great Commission. May God richly bless you for your service to Him.
Thank you!
Donnie Brake, Ed.D.

PS. Tractor Update: So far we have raised $7,000 to repair and transport 20 tractors to Boma. If you feel led to give a gift to help repair 20 tractors, please follow this link to easily give online. Thank you.